What is a Tool Library?

A Tool Library works like your public library, but instead of books we loan all kinds of tools! Thanks to generous folks and organizations in our community, the North Omaha Tool Library has collected a wide variety of tools for many jobs — whether it be re-tiling your bathroom or building shelving or planting a garden or preserving vegetables. Instead of buying expensive tools that may sit most their lives in your garage, why not borrow the tools you need when you need them? This way every tool can serve many people, and save you money! North Omaha Tool Library is the first and only tool library in Nebraska — with your support it will become an example for many like it to emerge!

Start Borrowing Tools

Becoming eligible to borrow tools from the North Omaha Tool Library is easy. Any person over 18 living in the Omaha area can do it. Simply come into the tool library during open hours with the following: recent mail (for address confirmation) and a completed Indemnification and Waiver, and one of our friendly volunteers will make it official. With your library card, you can borrow 8 tools at a time for a week at a time. Tools cannot be reserved, but will be loaned on a first come-first serve basis. Late fees will be charged every day after a tool becomes late.
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How NOTL Can Benefit You & Your Community

The North Omaha Tool Library aims to build a community of knowledgeable tool users and create a network of resources encouraging more people to do it themselves! Whether creative or practical, taking projects into your own hands is a step towards bringing real power to the people. Meanwhile, the benefits of a tool library are very direct; we can save you a lot of money that may be spent purchasing tools, and we can connect you with folks that may have the skills you would like to gain!

How Can You Support Your Tool Library?

The Tool Library is constantly in need of folks who can help repair tools, and update our inventory. We need tool and tech saavy volunteers who want to engage in their community. Additionally, any tool library is dependent on donations of tools as well as dollars to keep us running. Please check out our donate page to find out if you may have tools we’re looking for! Thanks for your support.
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Thanks to LocalTools.Org, you can now browse our tools from your computer or smartphone. Find out what tools are available before you come!



The NOTL is a project of the Union for Contemporary Art. Find out more about the Union and its programs which include: a fellowship program for local artists, community workshops, art exhibitions, youth arts programming and more.


SEED Exchange

The North Omaha Tool Library has more than shovels to break ground and carpentry tools to build garden beds… we also have an extensive inventory of garden seeds. Share your seeds — browse and plant seeds from us. This is a free service. Click here

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